You Can Fight Wrinkles and Lasair Can Help

You Can Fight Wrinkles and Lasair Can Help

It seems like everything we do can cause those unwanted lines in our face. And we all want to keep looking young and beautiful! But even smiling can be an enemy to our beauty goals. And we want to keep smiling, don’t we?

Here are some ideas on how do we smoothen those lines and wrinkles in our face


Image courtesy of Ambro /
Image courtesy of Ambro /

BOTOX can give you a rested, refreshed appearance

Is an injectable treatment that will provide the rejuvenating effects you’re wanting in your face by temporarily relaxing the your facial muscles, especially the ones that control squinting and frowning. The result is a smoother, more vibrant skin tone. Botox is fast and painless and the effects will last up to four months. Within a few days of treatment, you will begin noticing that wrinkles and fine lines have softened, giving you a rested, refreshed appearance. Learn more of our BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatment here.


Soften lines that form vertically along the sides of the mouth JUVÉDERM®

The skin around your mouth tends to be more delicate than other parts of your face (it’s not as fragile as around the eyes though) and often takes 
a beating. Years of pursing your lips, from drinking and eating as well as sun exposure and even smoking, causes tiny, yet hard-to-erase lines that become etched in—this is an area of the face where lifestyle choices show. One option is dermal fillers, that bring great results for up to one year.

JUVÉDERM® consists mainly of hyaluronic acid, a protein that occurs naturally in the human body, that functions to give your joints padding and lubrication. JUVÉDERM® is also injected just below the surface of your skin, can soften lines that form vertically along the sides of the mouth, as well as the nasolabial lines that can develop between the nostrils and the corners of the mouth.


Sculptra® to Reduce Those Heavy Folds

Aging reduces the volume in our face, our cheeks begin to lower toward the outer corners of our nose and mouth, and we notice more a more deep shadows around eyes and mouth. The loss of fat in this areas can be restored to make  nasolabial folds less prominent in what can be a sort of “re-inflating the skin”. Sculptra contains poly-L-lactic acid, a safe, synthetic material used in tissue implants and dissolvable stitches. When it is injected below the surface of the skin in an area of fat loss, Sculptra® provides a gradual increase in volume that occurs over four to six weeks. You can learn much more about dermal fillers and Sculptra here.


SPF: The First Line of Defense

When preserving the integrity of your skin and reducing the incidence of wrinkles, sunscreen is definitely your go-to product. To really reap the benefits of an SPF, you have to wear one with at least a sun protection factor of 30 on a daily basis—not just when you’re at the pool or beach. A good SPF will block both UVA (those are the rays that age the skin) and UVB rays for full protection.


Fight Wrinkles by Reducing your Sugar Intake

Even natural sugar binds to collagen and elastin, and degrades these proteins faster than in normal aging. This process is known as glycation and it produces Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs) These AGEs accumulate due to how much sugar your consume. The more AGEs in the body, the more damage that occurs in your skin, visible damage. Also making antioxidants in your skin lazy and in this causing more susceptible to the sun.


Lasair Aesthetic Health: helping you keep beautiful skin all year long

During our youth we tend to take amazing, beautiful skin for granted. When we start to age and we notice the skin loses youthfulness, elasticity and volume around the cheeks we start longing for the beauty days of youth. Our skin produces less collagen, so skin becomes less elastic as we grow older. Features that once had a plump, attractive contour begin to lose definition, and wrinkles start to develop around the eyes and mouth. The market offers us thousands of over-the counter cosmetics and products that claim to address these conditions, and many are just scams. Surgery is highly invasive and requires a long periods of recovery. So what can we really do Fortunately, there are highly effective alternatives!

Schedule a Consultation now and we can talk about all the options you have in aesthetic treatments to recover youthful, beautiful skin! Our mission at Lasair is to provide our patients with the most advanced treatments under the most comfortable circumstances possible. Visit our Denver office to meet Dr. Parker and learn about our array of services. Learn more about all our cosmetic treatments and how they can help you have youthful, beautiful skin, regardless of your age. Don’t miss any of our  upcoming weekly specials, like us on Facebook or follow our Blog, we provide you beauty tips and information to help you keep a younger, radiant appearance, all year long. Lasair offers you the best, non-surgical beauty solutions in Denver.

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