Dr. Alexis Parker Introduces Revolutionary Non-Surgical Device That Gets Rid of Under Eye Fat Pads


Dr. Alexis Parker, MD of Lasair Aesthetic Health in Denver announced that she is the first MD in the nation to offer a non-surgical solution to permanently remove eye bags with the AGNES Radio Frequency device. The AGNES RF Energy-Based Aesthetic and Medical Treatment was developed in Asia and is just being introduced in the United States.

AGNES uses the stable and effective technology of radio-frequency to specifically target a variety of tissue types and depths. It pinpoints under eye bags, which often suggest age and fatigue. A scientifically researched and designed micro-insulated needle is inserted into the fat pad and the RF energy is delivered to permanently reduce the fat. The minimally invasive treatment only requires local anesthesia and requires no pain medication.

“One to three sessions of AGNES RF is a better alternative to traditional surgery, which can leave the eyes looking hollow and requires substantial downtime,” Dr. Parker said.

“What I love about the AGNES medical device is that it is carefully designed to zap the fat pad only, and within weeks, the under eye fat shrinks while the skin tightens. The downtime of AGNES is so minimal. I have had patients return to work the following day with just a little makeup. My patients say it makes them look 10 to 15-years younger,” Parker added.

AGNES RF offers a variety of benefits to patients. A tissue specific needle treats fat under the chin, the jowls, and along the jawline with very little downtime. AGNES also offers permanent solutions for a variety of skin problems including cystic acne, inflammatory acne, blackheads and large pores.

The tissue specific micro-insulated needles can also greatly reduce dynamic wrinkles caused by facial movement. “I love this technology for wrinkles, it’s like micro-needling on steroids,” Dr. Parker said.

Dr. Alexis Parker, MD has been named one of the 25 most loved injectors in the country as voted by members.



  • First in Denver to offer CoolSculpting, 2010
  • Extensive training with the world’s top Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Mauricio De Maio, Dr. Arthur Swift, Dr. Kent Remington.
  • Fellow of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery
  • Board Certified Diplomat and Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine
  • Co-founder of Lexi Life Health Clinic, focus on internal health and anti-aging medicine
  • Colorado Medical Society
  • Denver Medical Society
  • Named Top 25 Anti-aging Practitioners in four state region, 2014
  • Named one of 25 “Most Loved Injectors” by Real Self 2018
  • Started injecting Botox before approval by FDA, 1999
  • One of the first doctors to offer injectable Voluma and Vobella
  • Helped makers of Thermage develop the new “Total Tip”, improving results. Thermage Pinnacle Award 2007, 2008