Morpheus8 is the newest radiofrequency microneedling device for skin rejuvenation, remodeling and tightening. Morpheus8 rejuvenates the skin by decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improving the tone and tightness of the skin by building new collagen and elastin. The technology also treats acne scars and even active acne. It will also improve surgical and traumatic scars.  The face and neck are common areas for treatment. It also can be used for skin rejuvenation on the chest, arms and legs. The beauty of this new technology is that there is very little downtime and yet, dramatic results after a series of three treatments. 


How is it different from other Radiofrequency devices?

Morpheus8, the latest generation of radiofrequency microneedling by InMode, differs from InMode predecessor, Fractora, and other radiofrequency microneedling devices.  It is designed to be safer and more precise than previous RF microneedling devices. Twenty-four tiny, delicate needles are programmed to penetrate the skin anywhere from 1 mm to 4mm.  The needles are coated for safety and protect the epidermis from injury or burns. The treatment does not disrupt the surface of the skin, unless the resurfacing tip is added. Without the resurfacing tip the downtime is minimal.  With the resurfacing tip the downtime is easy as well. You can put on makeup in 24 to 48 hours. 


What does Morpheus8 do?

Radiofrequency remodels tissue, stimulates new collagen and elastin, improves blood flow and nutrition to the skin. The minor injury created by the needles plus the heat produced by the radiofrequency create new and tighter skin. The heat shrinks the loose connective tissue fibers under the skin. The injury created tells the body to remodel the skin and build collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. 


Who is it good for?

Morpheus8 is a great treatment for men or women of any age. The treatment reverses common signs of aging: wrinkles, loose skin, lines of expression and discoloration.  Aging starts to show in the second decade and is more obvious if skin is sun exposed. Photodamage (aging secondary to sun exposure) is accompanied by a 1 to 2 percent decrease in total collagen per year. By age twenty, the sun has made its mark.  There may be brown spots, broken capillaries and if acne has been an issue, pigment abnormalities and scars. These signs continue to get worse over time. It is optimal to treat signs of aging early as they respond better to anti-aging treatments. Morpheus8 radio frequency creates improvement at any age. After age 40 skin becomes compromised at a rapid rate, so starting early with prevention and correction is always the best advice, but remember it is never too late to improve the health of your skin.


Is it good for all Skin Types? 

Morpheus8 energy is delivered deep into the skin, making it safe on almost all skin types.  The even and gentle delivery of RF decreases the possibility of post treatment gain or loss.


 Is there any downtime?

Morpheus8 is a very precise and gentle radiofrequency device that can treat, tighten and improve the skin has minimal downtime, even though it dramatically improves the tone and texture of skin.


Will Morpheus8 Resurface my Skin?

The simple answer is YES. A separate resurfacing tip may be purchased, which will improve pigment abnormalities, sun damage, and fine lines on the surface of the skin. The resurfacing tip is not safe for many darker skin types. The safety of the resurfacing tip is discussed during a consultation.


Does it hurt?

At Lasair we use a topical anesthetic for 60 to 90 minutes that makes the treatment very comfortable.  If more analgesia is desired, medication can be used for patients who are not driving home. Because of its advanced design, the temperature is well controlled for the appropriate amount of microscopic damage to create new tissue growth with little to no downtime. After 24 hours or less the discomfort subsides and skin is just a little pink.  


How much does it cost?

Morpheus8 is sold in packages of three treatments for best results. It saves a lot of downtime, so social and professional life is not compromised. A consultation is highly suggested to discuss the desired treatment area, potential side effects and downtime. Prices vary based on the areas treated. At the consultation details and goals can be discussed.  Standard treatments of the face are $3000 for a three treatment package with our registered nurses (RN's). Other areas, knees, bra fat, tummy, arms are priced individually to suit individual patient needs and desires. Treatments are done every three to five weeks for a total of three treatments. The collagen and tissue remodeling will go on for six to 12-months, reversing years of damage.