As a pioneer in her field, Dr. Alexis Parker often leads the way with new treatments. She started injecting botox and collagen in 1998. When the first hyaluronic acids were released, she offered them to her patients. As training and experience continued over the years she added the newest, yet scientifically proven products. Most recently she was chosen as one of the first doctors in Denver to offer Voluma. Combining her 17 years of experience with her artistry, Dr. Alexis Parker is your first choice for non-invasive treatments to restore your youthful appearance.

Achieve a Fresher, Younger-Looking Face without Surgery

If you are experiencing pronounced facial lines and wrinkles, or excessive volume loss in your cheeks or under your eyes, we have dermal fillers available at our Denver office that can help you reduce these signs of aging.

During our youth and young adulthood, it is easy to take smooth, vibrant skin for granted. As we grow older, the skin loses the fat deposits that give the cheeks their youthful volume, and our skin produces less collagen, so skin becomes less elastic. Today we have a number of injectables that can lift the face, fill hollows, wrinkles and take years off the face.

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