If you have unwanted hair, chances are that you have tried numerous painful and tedious methods of removing it, yet it keeps growing back. Shaving and waxing are messy, painful, and temporary. If you are interested in putting an end to unwanted hair and these outdated remedies, Dr. Alexis Parker offers cutting-edge laser hair removal treatments at her Denver office, serving Greenwood Village and Highlands Ranch. We have helped more than 75,000 women and men say goodbye to razors and messy wax in the last 17 years. To learn more about this advanced treatment of permanent hair reduction please contact us today.

The Best Candidates

Laser hair removal is an excellent treatment for nearly anyone wishing to permanently reduce unwanted hair. The best candidates are dark-haired patients with fair skin, though it is very effective for people with dark skin as well. Laser hair removal works equally well for men and women. The best way to know whether laser hair removal can work for you is to contact our Denver office and schedule a free test.

Process of Laser Hair Removal

We use the most advanced lasers to provide thorough hair removal with minimal patient discomfort. Our staff members are specially trained to help you enjoy treatments that will give you a lifetime of outstanding results. We can treat any area of the body, and any texture of hair, from fine to course. Lasair Aesthetic Health uses a variety of lasers to address a range of skin and hair types.

When exposed to laser energy, melanin in the hair follicles absorbs the energy, permanently damaging the hair follicle. There is no down time – you can resume normal activity immediately after treatment.

Successful laser hair removal requires multiple treatments because hair growth cycles occur at different times. After six to eight treatments, you can expect up to 80 percent reduction of unwanted hair. On average, patients notice the shedding process within three to four weeks of treatment.

Is it Painful?

For the majority of patients, they feel warmth with little fine pin-pricks. Here at Lasair Aesthetic Health, we offer our patients a topical anesthetic to ensure their comfort.

Custom Options

We can remove hair to varying degrees. Thinning the body hair is a popular treatment for men wishing to reduce, but not completely eliminate their chest hair. Our technology is also capable of creating custom hair lines, which allows us to create “bikini designs” contoured to your specifications.