How To Remove Body Hair With Laser


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How To Remove Body Hair With Laser

Many people do not like body hair, and most either wax or shave it regularly to have a smooth, hairless body. But these body hair removal methods can be quite time-consuming. Regardless of the one you use, the hair ultimately grows back, and sometimes, even thicker than before. This can be extremely frustrating, and some of these methods can be quite painful too. The more convenient, permanent way is laser hair treatment.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

This permanent hair removal technology is an excellent option for anyone that wants to remove unwanted hair from their body permanently. It is a no-pain, no-mess body hair removal and effective method that many people are now opting for. In this process, multiple treatments are done before the hair from that part stops growing permanently.

After 6-8 procedures, there will be at least up to 80% unwanted hair reduction. In most cases, hair shedding occurs within three to four weeks from when people start laser hair treatment. As mentioned, this is a practically painless process, and you will only feel small pin-pricks and some warmth but no significant discomfort.

Most aestheticians use topical anesthetics while doing the procedure, and this helps the patient feel more comfortable. During your initial consultation, the aesthetician will assess your skin and tell you whether this hair removal method is suitable for you. They will also tell you what is involved in it, the number of visits you would need to make for complete, permanent hair removal.

Why It Is the Best

  • Advanced lasers are utilized in unwanted hair removal, and the process is highly targeted.

  • You feel minimal discomfort and no pain.
  • It is a proven, effective treatment that helps get rid of hair from any part of your body.
  • There is a variety of lasers that are used based on the client’s skin type.
  • The laser energy damages the melanin in the hair follicles, and ultimately the hair stops growing entirely.
  • There is no downtime either, and you can go on with your day as usual after the treatment, which makes it the preferred treatment for many.

No other unwanted hair removal method has so many benefits. But you must opt for body hair removal at a credible and certified aesthetic center. They will adopt a tailored approach and assess your skin and hair carefully before recommending which lasers will work best for you.


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