Don’t Lose Another Minute Shaving- Get Permanent Hair Removal


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Don’t Lose Another Minute Shaving- Get Permanent Hair Removal

Removing unwanted body hair can be a time-consuming task. Some methods of facial hair removal and body hair removal are downright tedious and painful. What makes the entire process even more troublesome and overwhelming is that the hair grows back, and you have to go through the same tedious process again.

Laser Hair Removal

We at Lasair feel that the better option is to get laser hair removal done, which is a more permanent solution for removing unwanted hair. This technology is highly effective for permanent hair reduction for almost anyone that wishes to reduce the presence of unwanted hair from their body permanently. When you opt for the best laser hair removal, you can bid goodbye to messy wax and painful razors.

Laser hair removal
Life’s too short to waste more time shaving!

Laser Hair Removal Process

In this treatment, advanced lasers are used to remove hair from the desired part of the body, with minimal discomfort to the patient. You must get the permanent facial hair removal done from certified and skilled professionals that provide these aesthetic treatments. There are different types of lasers for various hair types and to address varying skin types as well.

When the hair is exposed to laser energy, the melanin within the hair follicles quickly absorbs that energy and damages it permanently. This sounds like a complicated process, but it isn’t. What makes it even more attractive as a hair removal option is that there isn’t any downtime at all. You can walk out of the cosmetic dermatology center and get back to your normal activity, right after the treatment.

Multiple Treatments

This is not a onetime process, and you would need multiple treatments before the hair stops growing permanently because the hair growth cycles take place at different times. Once you have completed at least 6 to 8 procedures, you will notice there is up to 80% reduction in unwanted hair. Most patients notice that the hair begins to shed within 3-4 weeks of the best laser hair removal treatment.

Many people wonder whether the treatment is painful. Patients say that they feel fine pin-pricks and a little warmth. Apart from that, there is very little discomfort. Most aesthetic centers also use topical anesthetics during the procedure to ensure patient comfort. You would have to go in for a consultation with the aesthetic expert- they will help determine whether you are a candidate for permanent facial hair removal.


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