Amazing Tips To Remove Spider Veins From Your Legs


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Amazing Tips To Remove Spider Veins From Your Legs

Spring and summer seasons provide the perfect opportunity to spend some time outdoors in the sun. You can rock mini dresses, shorts, or even spend a day lounging on the beach in a bikini.

At Lasair Alexis M.D., we have noticed that many people don’t take advantage of the weather because they are worried about spider veins on their legs. They feel self-conscious about their appearance and hide their body. Our spider vein treatment is the perfect solution for this problem and will make your legs look and feel smooth.

Vein Treatment

Our leg vein treatment is effective and non-invasive. It gradually reduces the number of visible veins until there are no traces on your skin. The procedure is customized and doesn’t cause severe side-effects, which means it is suitable for people with sensitive skin. Here’s a look at what you can expect:

  • hair removal is permanentLaser Treatment – Many establishments treat spider veins with invasive solutions like injections. While they are useful, they can also have a few side effects and cause discomfort. Our laser treatment involves directing an FDA approved laser towards the affected area for gentle, non-invasive treatment.
  • Good for Small Veins – Many clients have small veins that resist traditional treatments like sclerotherapy. Our laser therapy can address veins of all sizes effectively. If you have a cluster of small and big veins on your legs, this is the ideal solution.
  • Gentle Treatment – Laser is gentle on the skin and won’t cause any burns or scars. It just heats your veins at a safe temperature until they collapse, and your skin settles down eventually. They are less visible after every session at our clinic.
  • Number of Sessions – Our experts recommend two to three sessions for the best results. We will schedule the sessions one month apart to ensure your body has some time to recover. Scheduling the visits in quick succession may cause health problems down the line.

This treatment isn’t designed for varicose veins. You will need to get surgery or traditional sclerotherapy to remove those. Clients can schedule a laser session after they have recovered from surgery to address smaller, less visible veins.

Causes of Spider Veins

People develop spider veins if they have malfunctioning valves in their feeder veins. When valves malfunction, the blood flows backward instead of going upwards towards the heart, which leads to bulging and discoloration that is visible through the skin. If the blood backup isn’t addressed quickly enough, the affected vein can become ‘dead’, which results in spider veins.

These spider veins are useless, and they can’t transport blood effectively. Leg vein treatment helps collapse these structures to ensure your skin looks even. You still have proper blood flow to other areas of your body after the procedure is complete.

If you want to know more about how we spider vein treatment, we at Lasair Alexis M.D can help. You can call us at 303 782 5082 or use our contact form to reach us.


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