Take care of your skin with Alexis MD Pure Beauty products

Take care of your skin with Alexis MD Pure Beauty products

There’s nothing better for keeping your skin looking youthful and radiant, than giving it daily care with the appropriate products.  A daily cleansing and moisturizing routine will go a long way in helping you keep your skin nourished and free of excess oil, dirt and contaminants, giving you a fresh look every day.  Plus, if you use sun protection regularly, especially on your face, you are doing yourself a huge favor since it will help you maintain your skin free of sun marks and premature aging.

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Give your skin the best care with medical quality products

Alexis MD Pure Beauty skin care products feed the skin powerful antioxidants and other essential nutrients to reverse the damaging effects of time and harsh environments, resulting in enhanced health and younger looking skin. They work both ways (from the inside out and from the outside in) with the skin’s cells to heal, nourish, and restore damaged skin to its full vitality and as a result, you’ll be naturally taking years off your appearance.

As Dr. Parker  says:  “Beauty really is more than skin deep. The beauty of your skin is dependent upon the foods you eat, the environmental exposure you tolerate, the toxins you endure and, most importantly, and something you can absolutely control, the products you use on your skin. Your skin is your largest organ and the last to benefit from the food you eat, so it is critical to feed it the best nutrients available. With Alexis MD, you get those nutrients into your skin without toxins.”

Dr. Parker's product lineDr. Parker's product line

All Alexis MD Pure Beauty products are toxin-free and without paraben preservatives, which have been associated with breast cancer.  Alexis MD uses only natural, pure essential oils as preservatives. These oils and all other ingredients have no harmful side effects on the skin or elsewhere in the body.

All quality products take its time to develop

Alexis MD Pure Beauty line was developed directly by Dr. Alexis Parker, working close together with scientists and pharmacists for three years. After treating aesthetic patients for over 10 years and trying many other product lines, she concluded that a more effective, natural line of products needed to be developed that truly protected and enhanced the skin.


As a result of her extensive treating experience, she was convinced that products should also improve healing after skin procedures, thus leading her to create her own products that fulfill both purposes: healing and cosmetic use.  While traditional cosmetics are made to only disguise poor skin conditions, the Alexis MD skin care line treats those conditions and provides protection from further damage.


 Alexis MD products available at Lasair Aesthetic Health

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Lasair offers you the best, non-surgical beauty solutions in Denver.  We have all Alexis MD Pure Beauty product line for sale in our location, at very affordable prices!  You can also take advantage of the special offers or discounts we publish on a monthly basis!

Our mission at Lasair is to provide our patients with the most advanced treatments under the most comfortable circumstances possible. Visit our Denver office to meet Dr. Alexis Parker and learn more about our skin&body treatments or our injectables & dermal fillers, and how we can help you have more youthful, beautiful skin.

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