Protect Your Skin this Winter

Protect Your Skin this Winter

At Lasair Aesthetic Health, we love Colorado and we love all that our great state has to offer.  This winter, we will be hitting all the local ski slopes and we know you are too!  While you’re planning your winter activities, don’t forget to take care of your skin.  Sometimes the temperature can trick you—it feels cool outside, so you neglect wearing sunscreen.  Protecting your skin is vital to prevent sun damage, spots, and premature aging.  We offer many different treatments to address these issues and we have awesome specials going on this month!

Studies have shown that those who participate in winter sports may be at a greater risk for sun damage than your typical beach bum.  The higher altitude also means an increase in UV exposure.  In fact, for every 1000 feet of elevation, the UV exposure increases by 4 to 5 percent.  Not only that—but the snow the snow reflects 80 percent of UV rays.  You are essentially doubly exposed in that environment.

winter skin
Image by Fran Menez – Photographer in Granada Spain

Follow these research proven tips to protect your skin this winter:

  1. Apply at least 30 SPF, 30 minutes before you go outside.
  2. Apply liberally.  You should be using an entire teaspoon on just your face.
  3. Cover everything: include your lips, your chin, your scalp, and your hands.
  4. Re-apply every 2 hours.
  5. Use a sunscreen with moisturizer in it.  Winter weather in Denver can be harsh on your skin.

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