Holistic Body Care at Lasair Aesthetic Health

Holistic Body Care at Lasair Aesthetic Health

Healthy food to help you look great in DenverAccording to this recently published New York Times article, exercise alone is not the solution to sustainable weight loss. The author argues that we tend to emphasize either dieting or exercising. But by paying more attention to what we put into our body, we will see and feel the best results.

“A growing body of scientific evidence shows that exercise alone has almost no effect on weight loss…There were even more striking results in a 2011 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which found that people who simply dieted experienced greater weight loss than those who combined diet and exercise.”

Let’s take a step back for a moment and define the word diet. In the context of this article, diet is referring to how and what we choose to eat, not a strict fad or starvation method.

Diet is defined by intentionally choosing foods that give back to our bodies, rather than take away.

Though the author of the article makes it clear that he isn’t arguing against exercise, it is evident that many of our lopsided weight loss schemes are not only subpar, but quite possibly ineffective.

Extensive researches shows that choosing to eat non-processed foods, rather than a packaged ‘diet’ or calorie counting boxes, is not something to be scared of. Many of us associate whole foods with fats and high amounts of calories – but what we fail to realize is that these fats and calories are the good kind.

At Denver’s Lasair Aesthetic Health, we support holistic methods of helping you obtain the perfect body – one that you can be proud of both on the inside and out.CoolSculpting Denver

Thigh treatmentsFor those of you trying to work away at that belly fat, in addition to eating wisely, we recommend making an appointment for CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment that uses a cooling technology to eliminate fat with no surgery or downtime. Dr. Alexis Parker was the first to bring CoolSculpting to the Denver area. Since 2010, Dr. Parker and her staff have been passionate about helping each patient lose stubborn, unwanted fat bulges and contour their body.

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She and her skilled technicians offer the best non-surgical anti-aging solutions in Denver. We encourage all our patients to retain youthful, beautiful skin, regardless of their age! To learn more about our Denver office and the cosmetic dermatology treatments we offer, please contact us today.

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