Denver: make sure to get your Beauty Sleep, it is real!

Denver: make sure to get your Beauty Sleep, it is real!

If you want a younger and healthier appearance, lack of sleep won’t help!


If you are sleep deprived it shows on your face as tired skin sags, bags and lack of luster, and those are not pretty sights! Lack of sleep also dilates the blood vessels which cause the look of dark circles, makes you more stressed and angry, tired, sad and older.

But you can avoid all that by simply making sure you get enough hours of sleep (7 to 8 hours is enough), and you will start to see and feel other benefits as well. Beauty sleep is very real, it doesn’t cost you a penny and the best part is…you can start doing it right away!healthy you

Why having a good night’s sleep is beneficial for your health and looks

When we sleep our body repairs and rebalances itself, including our skin: new cells grow and replace older cells, and many hormonal and metabolic changes take place during our night rest. If you don’t sleep enough hours or are having sleeping problems, these natural healing processes can be disrupted.

Chronic sleep problems are linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and depression…more than enough reasons to make sure you get to sleep right or go see a doctor if you can’t.

It can be a common mistake to think that sleeping 10 or more hours would be even better than 8, however, oversleeping can actually increase skin cell breakdown and be detrimental to your health.


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