Be happy Denver! It’s good for your health & looks!

Be happy Denver! It’s good for your health & looks!

Happiness is more important for your wellbeing than you may think!

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We know that life doesn’t exactly work as a recipe, which will give you the expected results if followed through. But some ingredients are key for you to have that sense of accomplishment and fulfillness, and as it turns out, being happy is the main one!

But here’s the trick…we have been led to believe that in order for us to be happy, we first need to accomplish something –whether that is a career, a promotion, the car you always wanted, losing weight or getting married, to name just a few examples. The good news is that it actually works the other way around!

Being happy is a choice, not a consequence

True happiness can only come from within yourself, not from any exterior aspect of your life. This means that even if you are broke, your relationship is over or your career path is not going the way you wanted, you can still choose to be happy, appreciate the many other good things in your life and focus on them.

We know this sounds really hard, and we are not saying that we can’t get excited when something good happens, like being promoted and receiving a higher paycheck, no. Of course you can be happy about that, so let’s put it this way: true happiness doesn’t depend on any of those good things to happen. You can be happy just because you want to! Once we become aware of this, everything starts to change around us, for good!

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Learning to be happy

For some reason, we don’t get taught to be internally happy at school –quite the opposite-, so here are some recommendations that can help you shift your awareness inwards and let the happiness flow out naturally:

Connect and listen to yourself: you may need to slow down and be in a quiet place at first to listen to your inner self. You can call it anyway you like it, but it’s always the same: intuition, internal guide, consciousness, etc. By learning to listen to that inner voice instead of listening to other’s opinions and your own critical thoughts, you’ll have access to an inner abundance of wisdom and knowledge (you’ll recognize it as a quiet, calm knowing voice). This inner source of wisdom will always guide us to our best right actions. Meditating or finding time amid your daily routine for quiet reflection will help you re-connect with yourself.

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Choose to be happy: despite what we may have been taught, happiness is as simple as choosing to be happy. Once we are aware of this we can empower ourselves to take responsibility for our own lives and happiness, as no other external factor can truly influence it. By choosing a loving perception of ourselves, others and our circumstances, we strengthen our capacity to feel happy and also open ourselves to limitless possibilities where there was seemingly no solution.

Surrender to the moment: this means to let go of the control and the trying to make things happen in a certain way, and instead choose to place a higher level of trust and faith in the process of life. No matter if it’s a job, a relationship or whatever you desire, if you are not boxing yourself in, then you are able to open up and say yes to even more opportunities to come into your life!

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