Protect Your Skin with 20% Off AlexisMd Sunscreen at Lasair

Protect Your Skin with 20% Off AlexisMd Sunscreen at Lasair

 Sunblocksun screensunburn creamsun cream, block out… Call it what you want, but use it!

Sun protectionIf you’re in your 20’s take this from the rest of us, your skin won’t be that perfect forever. And depending of how you care for it NOW, the aging process will start taking a toll on your face soon enough, and you can treat it, but there’s no avoiding that part of life. We’re not being negative, we’re trying to warn you, you need your sun protection. Especially on your face. Even if you’re out sun bathing, use enough facial sun cream and reapply generously after you sweat or swim (which means reapply often). And you know this, but we’ll insist, you need sunblock even when the sun doesn’t seem to be shining strong. The UVA rays that filter through the covered sky still cause sun damage, even when you can’t feel the heat on your cheeks.

Excuses, excuses, excuses

We’re heard them all. But there are really no excuses to use a good sunscreen. And consumer products make it easier each day, as they add SPF protection to many daily moisturizers and makeup. But we recommend you buy a specific sunblock that helps you care for your skin and protect your from the sun.  And we mean your face most of all! We know you need to get some unprotected sun rays shinning on your skin for your body to produce Vitamin D. But you can get your Vitamin D dose on your arms, legs, feet, back… wherever you please, as long as your face is properly sun blocked! You will thank us for our nagging in 5-10 years.

Dr. Parker's product lineDr. Parker's product lineIt can’t get easier than now: with 20% Off AlexisMd or Neova Sunscreen 

So You Won’t Forget to Protect Your Skin, we are giving you this super special pricing on the best sun protection, so you’ll buy a bunch, give it to your loved ones and keep enough to last you through the whole summer! This offer is for May only, so hurry and get yours, you have one more week and your face will keep thanking you for your wisdom!


Lasair helps you look great even after your 20’s

It’s  never too late to start taking care of your skin. At Lasair Aesthetic Health we have great Skin Treatments that will help you recover your youthful looks! Ask us how we can help you restore your healthy skin tone and a beautiful complexion. Our non invasive treatments include:

Lasair aesthetic treatments

There are many more ways we can help you revive and refresh your skin, without surgery or downtime, schedule a consultation at our Denver office.