Acne Treatment: Satisfied Customer Testimonial

What To Do When You Have Adult Acne?

Dr. Alexis Parker provides acne treatments at her Denver office to help patients of all ages to overcome this skin condition and the scars acne can leave behind.

We offer a number of acne treatments at Lasair to treat your specific needs. And you’ll walk out of our Denver office a satisfied customer like so many others. P.H. is originally from New York, but she decided to come and try our KTP Photorejuvenation, a acne treatment that uses IPL to remove acne scars. The result? She could not have been more satisfied. But don’t take our word for it, read it in her own hand writing below. You can also get fabulous results.


Our treatments and products include:


Facial Chemical Peel

Skin Products 


CoolTouch® III

Silika 1000


Read P. H.’s note on her Acne Treatment Testimonial

“After years of struggling with adult acne, I found the solution at Lasair with PhotoRejuvenation. I could not be more satisfied.”

P. H. , NY (worked in Denver for a month)




Lasair Aesthetic Health: Great acne treatments with great results

Proved great results with great testimonials like this one! Tomorrow you can read many more detailed explanations on our Acne Treatment and Acne Scar Treatments at Lasair.

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