Acne Scarring Solutions in Denver

Acne Scarring Solutions in Denver

As if it wasn’t traumatic enough as a teenager and young adult, your days of severe acne are still affecting you.  Like many of us, you have scars.  Make-up doesn’t hide them—you’ve tried.  You’ve tried to ignore them, but they are always there.  Your self-esteem has suffered because of them, and consequently your social life.  You may be so self-conscious that you are hindered from really being who you are in social settings.  At Lasair Aesthetic Health of Denver, we know how you feel and we are here to help.  We offer the best solutions for acne scarring in the Denver area.

Skin treatments

CoolTouch III

This advanced treatment is used to build collagen and shrink the cysts of acne. CoolTouch® III uses a combination of infrared laser light and a cryogen cooling system. Dr. Alexis Parker has found a series of CoolTouch treatments beneficial for managing acne and improving acne related scarring.


Fraxel treatments remove skin in microscopic pixels not seen by the human eye; these tiny pixels heal very fast, in 24 to 48 hours. If you have acne scars, surgical scars, or traumatic scars, Fraxel will remove the scar tissue, replacing it with healthy skin.

Take care of your Acne Scarring today!

Ready to do something about that scarring? You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Alexis Parker to learn more about which skin & body treatments might be right for you and how we can help you achieve that youthful, beautiful skin look you always wanted.

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