3 Ways to Lose Neck Fat , Get Rid of Double Chin

3 Ways to Lose Neck Fat , Get Rid of Double Chin

3 Ways to Lose Chin or Neck Fat

As you scroll down on your Facebook, a notification pops up that you have been tagged in a photograph. Though this information should bring up a sense of joy from happy memories past, the first thing that pops into mind is panic. While your friends are looking sleek and on point with just the right camera angle, your heart drops to the pit of your stomach realizing that though this memory is sweet, the picture is about as unflattering as that awkward middle school yearbook photo. Looming in that picture like a DMV photo from hell is not one, but two chins jiggling about for the world to see.

Chin fat: A lot of us have it, so how can we get rid of it? Lasair Aesthetic Health in Denver, Colorado offers three non-surgical ways to lose your double chin, so you can take pictures with pride, and with no worry about that unsightly neck fat. If you are going to trust someone with an area noticed on a daily basis, Lasair is the place to go in Denver, Colorado. Here, Dr. Alexis Parker and her highly specialized staff can remove your chin fat non surgically with ‘Coolsculpting’, ‘Kybella’, or the ‘Profound SubQ’ procedure.

A quote from Doctor Parker sums up some of the excellent reasons to get one or a combination of procedures: “Chin fat can make us look older and a lot of people are self conscious about their double chin. So, there is no need to worry anymore. Welcome to the 21st century. We have so many ways to address chin fat now. More than we ever have before.”

The first procedure we will discuss is called CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive and permanent way to remove fat under the chin. This number one non-invasive fat-reduction treatment can now treat under the chin. There are no needles and it has very little downtime! 

During your treatment, a gel pad and applicator will go under the chin. The CoolSculpting applicator will then target the fat with controlled cooling. You might feel a little pinch in the beginning, but that will go away in a short time.  You have to sit still, but you can read a book or watch television. Immediately after the procedure, you might have some swelling, discomfort, and skin maybe temporarily dull to touch. In addition to reducing your double chin, some patients notice tightening of the skin from CoolSculpting. Most patients need one to three treatment sessions.

Kybella is another option for permanent fat removal. It is for patients who want to do not want sit for an hour or two, or people who are combining other procedures that have some downtime. This is for patients who want to get a more dramatic result from their treatment. Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a natural bile acid, which when injected into fat, permanently reduces the fat in the area.

Kybella can cause swelling, slight bruising, and some discomfort. The swelling, lasts up to a week or two, and the bruising, if it occurs, goes away after a few days. In addition to reducing your double chin, Kybella may also tighten your skin.

Finally, The Profound SubQ will reduce your chin fat as well as tighten your neck, jawline and face.If you have five days to spare and don’t mind a little bit of temporary swelling, Profound SubQ is most likely the procedure for you.  The Profound SubQ device has always been used to tighten, but recently was cleared by the FDA to improve the appearance of fat and cellulite. Each of the three treatments for torching chin fat is further elucidated upon in the following paragraphs.



Kybella injectable is the only treatment for permanent fat reduction with FDA approval. ‘Deoxycholic acid’ is a natural chemical in the body which aids in dissolving fat. The procedure is done by of injecting a synthetic variation of  ‘Deoxycholic acid’ (Kybella) directly into the neck fat with a needle. By opting for the Kybella you can melt away your double chin and jowls. and improve your overall appearance.

The process is completely non-surgical and can be remarkably effective in reducing moderate to excessive fat from the cheeks, jowls, and and the area under the chin popularly called the ‘double chin’. Once treated, your body is stimulated to “suck up” the adipose cells from the submental area of your face. Opting for the Kybella technique does away with the need to visit a clinic for liposuction. Treatments can be repeated at intervals to get the look you like.    



Do you feel embarrassed to participate in office meetings or having a whale of a time during weekend and late-night parties because of that double chin which sits obstinately in the neck region? The double chin which goes by epithets like ‘neck wattle’ and ‘jowls’, gives your visage a bulgy appearance thereby making you look older than your years. Of course, you can hide your double chin by putting on a turtleneck, jacket or cardigan during the winter months, but how will you conceal it in the summer months?


Of course, you can take care of the sagging fat in the cheeks and under the chin by going for a liposuction treatment or surgery, but these processes comes with side effects and risk. If surgery is not for you, heave a sigh of relief as there is a safer and non-invasive method of melting chin fat known as CoolSculpting that has been approved by the FDA. For this procedure, doctors use a small applicator called CoolMini to get rid of miniature fatty pockets. Each treatment removes about 25% of the adipose cells permanently.


Profound SubQ

The Profound SubQ is another effective procedure for contouring your facial structure, smoothing out wrinkles, tightening skin, and dealing with double chins. Opting for a one-time treatment will go a long way in generating the growth of new dermal cells as the creation of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid is activated. While undergoing the treatment, micro needles are inserted into the dermal delivering radio frequency energy.

Are you ready to tighten and tone your complexion while getting rid of chin fat and jiggle? Get ready to feel svelte and confident and schedule your consultation at Lasair Aesthetic health today!