The Skin You’re In – Be Comfortable Being You

The Skin You’re In – Be Comfortable Being You

At Lasair Aesthetic Health, we are proud of the fact that we provide services that are accessible to both men and women. No matter one’s gender, we all have things about our body that we would like to see change – and we all deserve the opportunity to do so.

Knowing this, men, we are sorry that this blog post caters a bit more to the ladies – but tis the season of the ever-daunting choosing the right swimsuit.

Many of us are uncomfortable with a particular area of our bodies, thus wearing a swimsuit means that there is a very good chance that that part will be exposed.

The ladies at Hello Giggles decided to take this potentially stressful topic and turn it into a light hearted and empowering female topic – and they did this all by creating a fabulously fun 3 minute video on the history of the swimsuit.

At Denver’s Lasair Aesthetic Health, we want you to know that your body is beautiful just as it is. But we also want you to know that, no matter if you’re wearing retro-swimuit or bikini, you deserve the right to feel comfortable in your skin. And sometimes becoming comfortable requires a few extra steps.

CELEBRATE OUR INDEPENDENCE with life-changing procedures such as Laser Hair Removal and CoolSculpting – all because we want you to be dance-in-your-swimsuit confident.

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