The Best of Laser Hair Removal in Denver at Lasair Aesthetic Health

The Best of Laser Hair Removal in Denver at Lasair Aesthetic Health

Welcome to Lasair Aesthetic Health, where we offer the best Laser Hair Removal service in Denver, as well as many other incredible non-invasive cosmetic services and procedures.

Dr. Alexis Parker and our staff have performed over 150,000 non-invasive procedures including Laser Hair Removal.

Legs 1024x520 - The Best of Laser Hair Removal in Denver at Lasair Aesthetic HealthLasair Aesthetic Health has assisted more than 75,000 women and men with permanently removing their unwanted hair! So if you’re tired of constantly shaving and putting up with painful waxing sessions, Laser Hair Removal is your answer!

By exposing your hair to laser energy, the melanin in the hair follicles will absorb the energy, permanently damaging the hair follicle. And there is no down time – so you can resume normal activity immediately after treatment. If you are nervous about potential discomfort, we offer our patients a topical anesthesia. We also strongly encourage you to make an appointment to get to know our staff and experience a free trial procedure. This will ensure your comfort, knowing that Laser Hair Removal is the proper fit for your skin type.

Laser treatmentsHair removal can be done on any part of the body and with any type of hair.

We can reduce the hair to varying degrees. For example, many men like their chest hair thinned, rather than fully removed. Successful laser hair removal will require multiple treatments because hair growth cycles occur at different times.Thus,  after six to eight treatments, you can expect up to 80 percent reduction of unwanted hair. On average, patients notice the shedding process within three to four weeks of treatment.

So stop buying cheap razors, worrying about sandpaper legs, and burning your skin with wax. Choose Laser Hair Removal for the best life-long, hair removal solution. On sale this August! 


Call us now at (303) 782-5082 and schedule a consultation in our Denver office with Dr. Alexis. And hurry, you don’t want to miss our awesome monthly specials!

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