Sun: Good for Your Skin?

Sun: Good for Your Skin?

At Lasair Aesthetic Health in Denver, we are passionate about your skin.  We love to help you look your best and feel good about the way you look.  Whether you’re dealing with acne, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, or any other number of issues, we can help.  Don’t hesitate any longer- take the future of your skin into your own hands and schedule a consultation today.  Spring is the time to do something for yourself—we are featuring multiple specials to help you meet your goals.

Today we want to expose you to some common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.   Sometimes we forget to soak up some rays during these chilly winter months.  Let this serve as a reminder to be kind to yourself and get a little bit of sun!

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Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency:

  1. Difficulty relaxing.  Vitamin D helps the neurological system by allowing the skeletal and involuntary muscles to relax.
  2. Headaches/migraines.  Deficiency of vitamin D may cause cramping and blood vessel constriction, leading to an increased risk of migraines and headaches.
  3. Poor bone health.  Vitamin D is necessary to help you absorb calcium.  Therefore, sufficient calcium intake is pointless without sufficient Vitamin D.
  4. Poor mental function.  If you’re thinking is feeling sluggish or foggy, this may be connected to Vitamin D deficiency.

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