Sublative laser treatment on sale in Denver – November only!

Sublative laser treatment on sale in Denver – November only!

At Lasair Aesthetic Health of Denver, your skin is our number one priority!  That’s why we stay on the cutting edge of the latest dermatology research and technology.  Check out this video from Dr. Alexis Parker introducing our new sublative treatment.  Schedule a consultation now or call us to book an appointment.

The experts are calling sublative treatment “intelligent” technology. Doctors can actually monitor how your skin is responding on a screen to help them make the most of your treatment.  Sublative treatment works on almost all skin tones.  In contrast to other technologies, sublative is neither laser nor light based.  It uses radiofrequency to penetrate beneath the superficial layers of your skin.  Collagen production is stimulated, while the outermost layer of skin is unbroken.  It’s like a “reset” to your body’s regenerative system and you will continue to see improvement over time.  Other, more outdated procedures, require a painful and slow process– a downtime between treatments of 5-6 weeks.   Sublative treatments only require about 3 weeks between treatments.


What You can Expect

Immediate results with continued improvement over time!  In particular, you can look forward to:

  • Improved elasticity
  • Improved radiance
  • More lifted
  • More even tone
  • Smoother, more supple texture
  • Fewer acne scars, discolorations and sun damage

As Dr. Parker administers the treatment, you may feel a warm, prickly sensation, depending on the areas treated and energy settings.  Some patients also experience a red or pink flush after treatment—like a mild sunburn.  We may use topical anesthetic ointments and cool gels to reduce mild discomfort during treatment. After-effects beyond that are minimal.  As Dr. Parker pointed out in the video, make-up can be applied to cover up redness within 24-48 hours.

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