Still Looking for a Great Father’s Day Present in Denver?

Still Looking for a Great Father’s Day Present in Denver?

Lasair Aesthetic Health has some great gift ideas for your dad

As we get together and we celebrate Father’s Day, we also have to think of what to get Dad for a present. If he already has all the ties and shirt sin the world, with matching socks and enough underwear, you start to run out of ideas. Well we have some different ideas for you. As much as you and your mom love to look great, dad may love some of the great aesthetic treatments we have for men.  So look no further, schedule an appointment for your dad today,  just call us at (303) 782.5082 or email us.

Dysport for men

Does dad always look like he’s frowning even when he’s happy? Now he can soften the lines on his forehead and around the eyes with Dysport! And if you want to save, get your gift early, because you can truly save on our Dysport Thursdays at Lasair Aesthetic Health in Denver.

Dysport for men
DySport Treatment


Sculptra for men

Men’s skin also looses volume as they age, but Sculptra is an injectable dermal filler that stimulates collagen production and replenishes lost volume. If your dad has lost volume on his cheeks, or shows deep folds around the mouth and nose, Sculptra can help him regain the natural youthful look on his face!

 Sculptra Treatment B&A
Sculptra Treatment


Juvederm for men

Juvederm is also an injectable dermal filler and it’s a great way to help dad soften the signs of aging and achieve a younger look without surgery.

Juvederm Treatment B&A
Juvederm Treatment

Fraxel for men

Laser is a great option to remove wrinkles and scars. Dad’s life and experience could have permanently marked him, but ot doesn’t need to leave visible marks on his face, so give him the gift of Fraxel and let laser technology do the trick reducing even sun damaged skin with minimal downtime.

 Fraxel treatment  B&A
Fraxel treatment


Hydrafacial for men

Hydrafacial is also a great option to revive skin. This treatment is the newest way to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate skin, decrease sun damage and recover collagen. so if dad cares about his looks, or if it helps him look more successful and feel more successful, then Hydrafacial is the best gift for him.

Hydrafacial Treatment
Hydrafacial Treatment


CoolSculpting for men


Last but not least, if you’ve seen him work his butt off at the gym or doing his favorite whatever. But you know he wishes some of the fatty deposits would disappear. This is the perfect present for Father’s Day.  Even more now that we offer CoolSculpting Special Prices:

CoolSculpting Cycles for $1299 Reg. $1500
CoolSculpting Cycles for $2499 Reg. $3000

Get dad CoolSculpting and you’ll see him thank you forever and more. This may be something he may not get for himself, but you can treat him on his special day!!!

Coolsculpting for men


Lasair Aesthetic Health: helping dads look amazing

Lasair offers you the best, non-surgical beauty solutions for your Father’s Day presents in Denver. Our mission at Lasair is to provide our patients with the most advanced treatments under the most comfortable circumstances possible. Visit our Denver office to meet Dr. Parker and learn about our array of services. Learn more about all our cosmetic treatments and how they can help you have youthful, beautiful skin, regardless of your age. Don’t miss any of our  upcoming weekly specials, like us on Facebook, follow us on Google+ and check out some great stuff on our Blog, we provide you beauty tips and information to help you keep a younger, radiant appearance, all year long. Lasair offers you the best, non-surgical beauty solutions in Denver.

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