Reduce Lines With JUVÉDERM on Sale in August Only!

Reduce Lines With JUVÉDERM on Sale in August Only!

August best monthly specials at LasairAt Lasair Aesthetic Health, we offer the best JUVÉDERM® service in Denver, and we have Juvederm and Voluma on sale for this month only


Save up to $441 !

1 Syringe of Juvederm $399 with 10 units of Botox – Value $620 | Save $221

2 Syringes of Juvederm $799 with 20 units of Botox – Value $1240 | Save $441

1 Syringe of Voluma $699 – Value $850 | Save $151

2 Syringes of Voluma $1349 – Value $1700 | Save $351


womanbeautifulskinWe all have them, those unfortunate indents and creases that mark our faces, necks, and chests. They come to us as the natural results of aging, sun exposure, laughter, squinting, and frowning. Of course, depending on our genetics, some of us have them more prominently than others. We call these lines – wrinkles. But just because wrinkles are a natural result of living, doesn’t mean that we should have to put up with them.

At Denver’s Lasair Aesthetic Health we are excited to offer JUVÉDERM® treatments. This non-invasive, painless procedure uses hyaluronic acids to refresh, rejuvenate, and improve wrinkles and overall skin texture. By injecting the acid below the surface of the skin, it adds volume and improves the skin’s contour, and dramatically softens the deep creases that can form in the face after years of laughing, smiling, and other facial expressions. It can also be used to plump up the lips, elevate the cheeks, make the cheeks fuller, eliminate under eye circles, and achieve facial symmetry.

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The process of JUVÉDERM® is non-invasive, pain-free, and fast. So take control of your skin and come in today and erase unwanted wrinkles at Lasair Aesthetic Health!

Call us now at (303) 782-5082 and schedule a consultation in our Denver office with Dr. Alexis. And hurry, you don’t want to miss our awesome August specials!