One Day Only Get Great Prices: BellaFill Day in Denver at LASAIR

One Day Only Get Great Prices: BellaFill Day in Denver at LASAIR

Only this Thursday, Don’t Miss our ArteFill Day at Lasair Aesthetic Health in Denver

Back by Popular Demand! – Join us for ArteFill Day and get Special Pricing* 

Thursday, March 27th from 10:00am  to 5:00pm We only have a limited number of appointments available, so make sure to schedule yours now: call us at (303) 782-5082 or email us.

* A previous skin test is required before appointment. The test if FREE so book your appointment now!

Why do we need Dermal Fillers?

Simple answer, because, as we age, your face loses the collagen that gives you a healthy looking volume and elasticity in your skin.  Elastic skin is a sign that a person has ample collagen, also know as Skin’s Cement collagen binds together the cells of your body, it is a structural tissue, made of fibrous protein, and it is replaced very slowly. In fact, collagen comprises 30 percent of the total body protein. Its strong white fibers, stronger than steel wire of the same size, and yellow elastic networks, called elastin, form the connective tissue that holds our body together. Collagen strengthens the skin, blood vessels, bones, and teeth. It is the intracellular cement that holds together the cells in various organs and tissues.

Collagen is one of the most valuable proteins in the human body. And of course, it is responsible for keeping your skin youthful and healthy looking.

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Why use BellaFill instead of other Dermal Fillers?

We recommend BellaFill because it works with your skin to produce collagen providing the support needed for natural, longer lasting results. Most Dermal Fillers last up to 6 months, BellaFill gives you results for up to 5 years. This makes BellaFill an ideal solution for your wrinkle correction. BellaFill contains an anesthetic to lessen the discomfort from the procedure and requires no downtime. So the question is: why not?

*Most people require more than one treatment to reach the level of correction that they want, after 4-6 weeks you may return for a follow-up appointment and decide if you would like to further enhance your results.

Real houseswives uses artefillLasair Aesthetic Health: Helping you Reverse the Aging Process

Dr. Parker has been injecting for over 15 years, she is one of the most experienced injectors in Colorado. That is one of the many reasons that makes Lasair Aesthetic Health a leading service provider in the market with quality service, effectiveness and greats prices since 1997. We provide dermatologic services to protect and repair your skin. Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty. We accomplish this by offering state-of-the-art aesthetic services in Denver, in a friendly and compassionate environment, by maintaining a competitive price point and by nurturing relationships with our patients. Our services can improve your self image and powerfully impact your life. Our medical staff is united by our unparalleled commitment to your needs.

At Lasair we provide our patients with the most advanced treatments under the most comfortable circumstances possible. Visit ourDenver office to meet Dr. Parker and learn about our array of services. Learn more about all our cosmetic treatments and how they can help you have youthful, beautiful skin, regardless of your age. Don’t miss any of our  upcoming weekly specials, like us on Facebook, follow us on Google+ and check out some great stuff on our Blog, we provide you beauty tips and information to help you keep a younger, radiant appearance, all year long. Lasair offers you the best, non-surgical beauty solutions in Denver. Schedule a Consultation

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