Losing weight & inches in Denver couldn’t get any easier!

Losing weight & inches in Denver couldn’t get any easier!

Slim down for spring and summer with this amazing special

FREE 3 Week HCG Program* with any CoolSculpting purchase!
FREE 3 Week HCG Program* with any CoolSculpting purchase!


At Lasair Aesthetic Health in Denver we know that the winter season can be really hard on our bodies and skin. Maybe the cold days, lack of sunshine and even the holidays led you to either eat more, have an unbalanced diet, stop exercising or all of the above! This is why we have put together this cool special for the month of March, so you can get rid of the excess weight and fat gained over the winter and look your best self for the upcoming seasons!

Just imagine this: you get a FREE 3 Week HCG Program* with any CoolSculpting purchase! You can choose between 2 Cycles for $1299 (Reg. $1500) or 4 Cycles for $2499 (Reg. $3000).

Make sure to schedule your consultation today to take advantage of this great offer or give us a call if you have any questions or concerns at (303) 782-5082.

What is the hCG diet?

The hCG diet is a specially formulated diet plan using a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG, the hormone of pregnancy. hCG is not a sex hormone; both men and women can benefit from it. Small daily injections of this hormone are used in combination with a simple low calorie diet, resulting in a dramatic loss of abnormal fat stores and weight. You could lose 10 to 15 pounds in three weeks and 20 to 30 pounds in six weeks, while feeling good and improving your health.

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The coolest way to eliminate unwanted fat!

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment that uses a cooling technology to eliminate fat with no surgery or downtime. When fat cells are exposed to extreme cold it triggers a process called Cryolipolysis, which is a natural fat removal mechanism that gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. The result is a visible reduction of fat in the targeted area. And we know that our Denver boys don’t want their love handles either, so the best part is that this treatment is also good for both men and women!!

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*Includes weekly visits, multi-vitamins, 30 day supply probiotics. Medicine extra