Laser Hair Removal is Actually a Smarter Long-Term Investment

Laser Hair Removal is Actually a Smarter Long-Term Investment

According to this article in the Boston Magazine, a women’s packet of razors costs around $19 for five cartridges. And if each cartridge can last for around a week, each shave comes out to 54 cents.

Laser hair removalSo, let’s do the math.

If each shave costs around 54 cents, and you are the type of person who tends to shave about 4 times per week, then you will spend $2.16 each week shaving.

And with 52 weeks in a year, you will end up spending around $113 per year merely ridding your legs of hair.

But, let’s not lose hope! At Lasair Aesthetic Health, you can permanently rid yourself of hair for an affordable, and all around cost effective price!

For the month of May, Lasair Aesthetic is offering 2 Cycles of Laser Hair Removal for $1299 (Reg. $1500), 4 Cycles for $2499 (Reg. $3000), and 10 Cycles $4999.

Let’s do some more math.

If you are around 30 years old, you likely have a solid 30 plus more years of shaving left in your life. And, according to our above calculations, the total of those 30 years would be around $3,390

This is more than double Lasair’s cost for 2 cycles of permanent hair removal.

In summary, laser hair removal is more cost affective and will definitely shave (see what we did there?) a significant number of hours off of time you spend in the shower and taking trips to the local drug store.

Hurry now before the deal ends – book an appointment for the best laser hair removal in Denver today! 

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