How to Keep Your Resolutions for 2015

How to Keep Your Resolutions for 2015

Happy New Year’s from Lasair Aesthetic Health of Denver! As we say sayonara to 2014 and bienvenidos to 2015, we know you’re probably doing a little soul searching like the rest of us.  It can be a healthy thing to reflect on the past year—what went well, what didn’t, and what you’d do differently.  Do yourself a favor as your look ahead—don’t sit in regret, but look ahead with a positive attitude and decide how you will live life to its fullest this next year.  Life is too short to dwell on past regrets.   Perhaps, like the majority of us, some of your goals include looking better and feeling better about how you look.  Lasair is here to help!  We offer the best cosmetic dermatology on the front range.  Whether you have unwanted hair, unwanted fat, or unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, Lasair is your one-stop shop for looking and feeling great.  Schedule your consultation today!

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Now, we’ve compiled a little helpful advice for you to help you actually keep those New Year’s resolutions.

5 Ways to Keep the Resolve in your Resolution

  1. Start Small. Set goals that you can actually meet.  Don’t set the bar so high that you can’t succeed.  Remember, its all about baby steps.
  2. Focus. Changing one unhealthy habit at a time is much more achievable (and less daunting) than trying to fix it all at once.
  3. Open Up. Share your goals and resolutions with your loved ones.  Open up about both your successes and your struggles.
  4. Pick Yourself Up. If you fall off the proverbial horse, get right back on.  Failure is giving up, not losing a small battle in a great war.
  5. Seek help. We aren’t meant to do things alone.  You may need professional help—a therapist, a trainer, a dietitian, etc.

Lasair Can Help you Achieve Your Goals in 2015!

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