Holiday-Ready Skin with a Hydrafacial in Denver only $99 November ONLY!

Holiday-Ready Skin with a Hydrafacial in Denver only $99 November ONLY!

You could do plenty of things with $99 bucks in Denver—get an oil change, have a nice dinner out, go into Target to buy one thing and walk out having spent $100 bucks on everything you didn’t need, and the list goes on.  We can assure you, though, that you cannot find a better way to spend your money than with our November special on a Hydrafacial.  Normally priced at $150, this is a deal you don’t want to miss–book now!

Anti-aging treatment

What can a Hydrafacial do for me?

So glad you asked! For starters, if you want to decrease sun damage, give your skin a glow, and build your collagen with a soothing treatment, which makes you look great immediately, this is the treatment for you.  The HydraFacial does exactly what its name suggests: it removes dead skin cells, extracts impurities while bathing your fresh, new skin in serums that will hydrate, moisturize, and cleanse.

What makes it different from other treatments?

  • The Hydrafacial is for all skin types.  Yes, we will definitely do a consultation first.  However, even sensitive skin tends to respond well to the Hydrafacial.
  • The treatment is quick and painless.  Usually completed in less than 15 minutes, the Hydrafacial requires no downtime and is described a cool, sweeping sensation across your face.

What can I expect?

Immediate results.  Your skin will be smooth and glowing.  Subsequent treatments are suggested for continued improvement and to maintain results.

Hydrafacial on Sale with Lasair Aesthetic Health of Denver!

Hydrafacial Treatment
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