Happy Father’s Day from Lasair Aesthetic Health in Denver

Happy Father’s Day from Lasair Aesthetic Health in Denver

A Day to Meditate on Life and a Day for Thankfulness

There are days when we truly have to sit back and count our blessings. For some of us, our dads are one of the first things that pop into our heads. Some of us may not be so quick to add him to the list. But let;s be totally honest, if you’re breathing today, there was a mommy and a daddy in the story. So be thankful for that moment when you came to being! And then, think of the man or men who have played the most important male roles in your life. The ones who have been there to give you advice, to support you, to raise their voice loud enough for you to realize that was not the right choice. For the hand on our back pushing us on the steepest parts of life. And take the time to be thankful for how that fatherly figure has help mold your life.

Healthy active lifeAnd now, if you have kids, think of your role or the role of their daddy! See, we get a chance to give back to life in our children. We either repeat the mistakes we learned or we try hard to avoid them. So let this weekend be one of deep thought, thankfulness, forgiveness, new beginnings, mending relationships, saying I love yous, reminding people how important they are in our lives, calling those that have been far and should be closer. Yes, Father’s Day is much more than the perfect tie (or one of the great gifts we suggested for you).

Few of us had the perfect father, because being a dad is one of the toughest jobs in the world and doesn’t come with the instructions manual. We all know that, even more when we are parents. So lets be thankful for what we have and more thankful for what we can give. Let’s be thankful for second chances and for our own ability to learn.Love is a choice

Love is a decision we each make! What will you decide today? 


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Happy Father’s Day from Lasair Aesthetic Health in Denver

Happy Father's Day

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