Get Help for Spider Veins!

Get Help for Spider Veins!

Are you feeling 2015? Have you already started to fill out your calendar for the rest of this year?  What do you have coming up?  A highschool reunion?  A vacation to the beach in Cancun?  A cruise to the Bahamas?  These can be both exciting and somewhat intimidating prospects.  You may feel some excitement until you start thinking about what you’ll wear—a cocktail dress, golf shorts, a swimsuit.  If you’re like most of us and you don’t feel totally confident about your body, your excitement can quickly turn into anxiety.  Choose to do something about it this year.  At Lasair Aesthetic Health, we want you to look great, and more importantly, we want you to feel great about how you look.

Have you ever heard of Telangiectasias?  Probably not.  You are most likely familiar with the more popular term: spider veins.  Spider veins are actually small, dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin or mucus membranes.  When spider veins are located in the legs, this is related to venous hypertension.

Vein removal laser treatment

At Lasair Aesthetic Health, we utilize a long pulsed Lyra laser for Spider Vein Removal, a laser specifically designed for veins on the legs and feet. This non-invasive procedure eliminates needles and effectively treats small leg veins as well as those veins resistant to traditional sclerotherapy.

Keep up with your 2015 Resolutions: Get Rid of your Spider Veins!

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