Expert’s Tips for Beautiful & Undamaged Hair

Expert’s Tips for Beautiful & Undamaged Hair

Avoid common hairstyling mistakes at home

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Top hairstylists frequently see the following “home-made” mistakes at their salons, but the worst part is that by repeatedly doing any of them, you can really damage your hair and end up with a desperate need of an emergency expert’s fix.

The best thing is to be realistic, and know what your hair can and can’t do, so you don’t try to push it to its limits. Also, if you end up going to your hairstylist to get a fix, don’t lie! They won’t be able to help you if they don’t know what you’ve been doing to your hair.

Don’t overheat it

Perhaps you like to blow out your hair at home, straightening and styling it with a brush and blow-dryer. But if you put the dryer directly against the hair to try to get it straight, it can cause real damage, especially if you are using a metal brush. To prevent this, pull the blow dryer a bit away from the brush, and don’t let it touch the hair directly. Flat irons can also overheat your hair, but this is easier to avoid by moving the flat iron through your hair, instead of holding it at one spot for long periods of time. Even so, be mindful of over-ironing as well.

If you use a chemical relaxer it is a very bad idea to expose your hair to high heat afterwards, like a curling iron for example. The hair is already weakened by the relaxer and then damaged further by the intense heat exposure, causing hair to break very easily. To avoid this type of damage, reduce to a minimum the intensity and frequency of thermal hair styling techniques, and use conditioning shampoos to protect and strengthen the hair.

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Avoid over-coloring

If you had your hair lightened and really liked it, so much that in fact you wanted to go a little lighter, and lighter. Just keep in mind that when you apply a permanent color, a lot of the natural oils and conditioning in your hair are removed. And if you do this too often, the hair will get drier and drier and lose its luster. As with heat-damaged hair, you may be able to fix part of the problem with oils and conditioners, but the only real remedy may be to cut it and let the new strands grow out.

Avoid tight braids & get regular trims

You may like to wear this styles, but your hair and scalp may not. Regularly wearing tight braids can cause a form of hair loss known as traction alopecia.

Split ends are nature’s way of trimming hair. To avoid them we need to have regular trims, especially as we age and our hair has gone through years of blow drying, flat or curling irons and wear and tear in the sun. The maximum recommended time between cuts should be 8 weeks.

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