Elos Photofacial & Botox in Denver: only $299 in November

Elos Photofacial & Botox in Denver: only $299 in November

PhotofacialAt Lasair Aesthetic Health in Denver, we want you to look good and feel good about how you look!  Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing those same old problem spots you’ve been seeing for years?  Have you gotten to the point where you want to avoid the camera because you don’t feel good about how you look?  We get it and we are here to help.  November is the month to finally DO something about it.  Don’t waste another minute feeling bad about your face.  Book an appointment today!

For our specials this month, we are featuring Elos Photofacial and 10 units of Botox for only $299.  At Lasair Aesthetic Health, we use Photo Facial on the exposed areas of the body, hands, arms, and legs. These areas of skin are not a primary concern until you reach your 40’s and 50’s. When wrinkled and mottled skin appears, a corrective maintenance routine with Photo Facial on the face or body is highly recommended.

What exactly IS an ELOS Photofacial?

Lasair DenverELOS™ refers to electro-optical synergy.  ELOS is a combination of radiofrequency and light energy.  It can be used to treat  rosacea, spider veins, brown spots, and sun damaged skin.   We also utilize ELOS to treat fine wrinkles and to improve skin texture.  

Tell me about the results!

You will most definitely be able to see a gradual, persistent, and consistent improvement in your skin as you go through a series of treatments. Our patients report significant improvement in discoloration,  spider veins, blemishes, sun damage, age spots, large pores, acne scarring and wrinkles. 

Dermal fillers

Take Advantage of November Specials at Lasair Aesthetic Health!

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