Denver: stay hydrated in this heat to protect your skin

Denver: stay hydrated in this heat to protect your skin

How can water keep you looking young and healthy?

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Fine lines and wrinkles are deeper when you’re dehydrated. Drinking water hydrates skin cells and plumps them up, making your face look younger. Water is also important to flush out toxins and improve circulation and blood flow, helping your skin glow.

But drinking water is not only about looks, it is extremely important for all life on earth and to keep our body healthy and beautiful. Remember, if you’re feeling thirsty it means you’re already a little dehydrated, so it’s necessary to keep drinking water during the day even if you don’t feel the need. And hot days like the ones we’ve had, your need to be sure you are careful about this even more.

These are some other important water drinking facts:

Water for a healthy skin

Water can help you lower stress

About 70% to 80% of your brain tissue is water. If you’re dehydrated, your mind and body become stressed. To keep stress levels down, keep a glass of water at your desk or carry a sports bottle and take regular sips.

Water boosts your energy

If you’re feeling exhausted and depleted, you need to drink some water as dehydration makes you feel tired. Drinking the ideal amount of water will help your heart pump your blood more effectively, and this way water can help your blood transport oxygen and other essential nutrients to your cells.

You can stay slimmer with drinking plenty of water

Water boosts up your metabolism and helps you feel full. If you replace calorie-filled beverages with water, and drink a glass before meals it will help you feel fuller, meaning you will eat less food.

Tone up your muscles with water

Drinking water helps prevent muscle cramping and lubricates joints in the body. When you’re well hydrated, you can exercise longer and stronger without “hitting the wall.”

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