Creating the Body YOU Want with CoolSculpting in Denver

Creating the Body YOU Want with CoolSculpting in Denver

Claim your body back, and your time, with CoolSculptingNo excuses with Coolsculpting

We all work so hard and still make time to get a run or head out to the gym… Sometimes we wisg we had even more time for an extra workout… truth is, few of us can make exercise our lifestyle. For most of us it’s a time consuming sacrifice. Sure, it relieves stress, and we’re not saying you should ever leave exercise out of your routine, but wouldn’t it be nice to just do a rational amount of enjoyable physical activity and still look amazing?

Instead we spend infinite hour sweating and find that there’s still that stubborn fat in problem areas that just won’t go away! Not even when we try to keep a diet, no matter how strictly we follow it.

Would you love to finally lose that muffin top, love handles, thunder thighs, fat on your back or under the bra line?


CoolSculpting to the rescue!!!

There are many good reasons to get CoolSculpting now! Spring is here and it’s time to shed off all the layers of extra clothes and extra deposits of fat that we needed for the winter. There are no long holidays in sight for a few more months, so we can actually stick to our guns and watch our calorie intake better. Summer is just around the corner and you want your body back with all it’s great looks for bikini season!

And our personal favorite because in May you save big with our CoolSculpting Specials! Why not lose that Fatty Bulge Now and Claim your Body Back! 


Healthy people, this is for you!

CoolSculpting results are actually best for people who are healthy, and who are close to their ideal weight. But no matter how healthy we may feel, we all know the places where fat has been building up through the years. We may have become real experts at hiding it with the right styles, now, you can really get that fat gone for good!

Coolsculpting Denver for men and women

CoolSculpting does that for you. This advanced aesthetic procedure freezes the fat cells in targeted areas, without injuring healthy tissue. And we actually monitor that carefully during the whole session. Once your fat cells get frozen, they die and the body naturally discards them from the body as it would any injured tissue. Best of all, no surgery, no needles, no going under and waking up groggy, and NO DOWNTIME.Each session is programmed for an hour, so you could even come in at lunchtime and go back to work or back home and carry on with your life!

More good news: CoolSculpting is not only for women. Of course not. Men have their fatty problem areas as well, and as they age their body also loses muscle mass and starts storing up fat. Even really active and fit men will tell where they wish they could have less fat. And let’s be honest, some fat is so stubborn that no exercise works. Men also come in to get rid of their love handles and fat on their chest or back.

We talk about CoolSculpting so much
because we are totally convinced of its glories

Just in time for summer

the body you want

The fat loss is progressive, you’ll start seeing results just a few days after the treatment, but full results won’t show until 3 or 4 months later. This is a more natural way of losing fat. We all know the quick magical diets never work. With CoolSculpting you’ll be able to keep the results of the body you want with a balanced diet appropriate for you build and a normal amount of exercise. All of which you probably already do, right? Because you want to be the healthiest you can be!

So do the math, our May CoolSculpting offer gives you 3 to 4 months to continue loosing fat, and that pretty much means you’ll be looking great all through the summer and beyond.

We just posted a great video of Dr Parker explaining CoolSculpting, watch it now if you missed it.


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