CoolSculpting is Exciting News for All of Us Who Want to Trim Up!

Want a Permanent Way to Get Rid of that Stubborn Fat?

Show moreYes, there is a way you can get rid of unwanted fat bulges, fat around the middle, fat around love handles, without down time, without exercise and without surgery!

It works by cooling the skin and the fat. Fat cells are more sensitive to cooling than your skin, so the procedure does not harm any healthy tissue. With each treatment 25% of the fat cells die are carried away as injured tissue, in the body’s natural process of apoptosis, this makes it truly permanent!

A treatment of one cycle takes an hour, DualSculpting gives you 2.5 cycles also in 1 hour. Our two machines allows you to come in with a friend, or you can do two areas at the same time, for instance a machine hooked on to each side for treating both your love handles in an hour. And since it’s not painful you can sit back and relax, read a book, watch a movie or take a nap! And if you must catch up with your unread emails, you can bring your laptop and work while we treat you. It is that easy! You’ll be very very comfortable in your own private room.



CoolSculpting Thighs

We have lots to talk to you  about CoolScuplting, so keep reading our blog for much more info. And remember our April Specials at Lasair:

CoolSculpting Specials!

Lose that fatty bulge now!
2 Cycles $1199 Reg. $1500
4 Cycles $2399 Reg. $2400

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CoolSculpting No downtime

Scientifically Proven to Remove Fat Cells Permanently

If you have a pinch-able fat area, which is fat that you can squeeze or you can grab, that makes you a perfect candidate for this procedure.
Slim down with the CoolSculpting, a FDA cleared procedure that clinically dissolves fat and best of all have the look and feel that you want!
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