Boosting Your Summer Confidence at Lasair Aesthetic Health

Boosting Your Summer Confidence at Lasair Aesthetic Health

The newness of Spring can be equated to a shell being removed from the earth and every creature slowly crawling out of its dark winter cave in order to soak in the sun, rain, and freshness of the new season. Birds begin to chirp, plants begin to bloom, families flock to the local parks, and the layers of winter clothes are slowly shed.

For many people, Spring and Summer are associated with feelings of joy and adventure, but for the rest of us, these warmer seasons tend to stir up feelings of insecurity and dread. Warmer weather means wearing less clothes, and wearing less clothes means showing more skin.

Tighter, younger skin with Thermage.At Denver’s Lasair Aesthetic Health, we believe that every body, in every size is to be celebrated. We also believe that you are more valuable than your physical being. Yet, we also recognize that believing these things is easier said than done.

As we commence the count down to endless pool days, we at Lasair thought it would be a wise idea to do a little self-confidence boosting exercise. According to the Huffington Post, below are 10 affective ways to improve your self-esteem:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. Trying to live up to or exceed someone else’s personal best is a losing game. As the saying goes, “How boring would it be if we were all the same?” Focus on being the best you that you can be.
  2. Compliment yourself regularly, either by looking in the mirror and saying something you like about yourself or writing it in a journal. Many times, we’re quick to compliment others on their success but hesitate to do the same for ourselves.
  3. Exercise consistently, at least 30 minutes of exercise several times a week, to strengthen muscles and to burn calories. Improve your physical strength, and you may feel a sense of empowerment that can dramatically enhance your self-esteem.
  4. Simply smile. The mere act of smiling changes blood flow to the brain and can actually makes you feel happier and relieve tension. A smile sets off chemical and physical reactions within your mind and body, releasing endorphins that boost your mood.
  5. Focus on your accomplishments. Forgive yourself for mistakes and focus on the positive by celebrating your victories. Consider writing them down so you can review and reflect when you’re feeling down and need to renew your confidence.
  6. Get the support you need to succeed. Join a weight-loss support group, like TOPS, which can help you to stay on track to accomplish your wellness goals. Fellow members will help keep you motivated.
  7. Make a list of your positive qualities. Are you generous? Kind? Write down at least ten positive qualities about yourself and return to this list as often as needed to boost your morale.
  8. Find something special in each day. Even if it’s in a small way, do something pleasant and rewarding, like catching up on your favorite television show, taking a walk to the park, or indulging in a bubble bath. Or treat yourself to something small that isn’t a food or beverage, like a manicure or a new piece of costume jewelry.
  9. Eat better. Pay attention to your food choices and nourish your body. Buy healthier foods and prepare well-balanced meals that will help give you energy and feel like your best self – not sluggish and overstuffed.
  10. Explore a passion. Whether it’s a side job, hobby, or as a volunteer, pursuing your passion in even a small way can lead to a sense of purpose and significantly improve your overall happiness and quality of life.

In addition to the above ideas, we at Denver Lasair Aesthetic Health also want to offer you a sustainable way to feel confident in your skin, particularly when putting on your swimsuit this season.Self-Confidence Tips

For the remainder of May you can purchase Dr. Alexis Parker’s Thermage® Treatment, for only $1999 (Reg. $2400).

This cutting-edge treatment relies on radio frequency technology to give you the youthful, elastic skin you desire without any invasive surgeries.

Thermage® works by sending radio frequency to the deepest layers of your skin, resulting in the stimulation of existing collagen and promoting the growth of new collagen, giving you tighter layers of skin. Many of our patients have experienced tighter, more firm skin on the neck, abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs.

Most patients experience a lifting of skin and improved skin tone in the eight to sixteen weeks following treatment – so make sure to book your appointment today in time for the upcoming warmer seasons!

The improvement of Thermage® will continue up to six months. Dr. Parker often recommends combining Thermage treatments with Fraxel, for even more impressive results. Many patients do this procedure every year to maintain youthful skin.

So feel confident in younger looking skin this summer and book your appointment before the end of May!

You can also book by calling us at (303) 782-5082.

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