Boost your cell’s natural collagen production with RegeneMax

Boost your cell’s natural collagen production with RegeneMax

An amazing pharmaceutical grade supplement

RegeneMax at Lasair Denver

RegeneMax is a unique, all-natural dietary supplement that helps nourish your body’s three beauty proteins: collagen, keratin and elastin.

Have you ever noticed that your skin, hair and nails looked better when you were young? That is due to the high abundance of collagen, keratin and elastin present during this phase of life; but around 18 our natural levels of all three proteins begin to fall. By 30, our skin begins to develop fine lines and wrinkles, hair breaks more easily, and nails may chip more frequently.

RegeneMax provides ch-OSA (choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid) which helps to naturally enhance your body’s beauty proteins.

What does it do?

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Thickens and strengthens hair
  • Strengthens nails
  • Increases hip bone mineral density
  • Adds flexibility to bones
  • Promotes healthy joints

RegeneMax’s September special offer

Go ahead and take advantage of the fact that our September monthly specials include this amazing product manufactured by Xymogen, a pharmaceutical grade food supplement company.

You can now stimulate your body’s collagen, elastin and keratin natural production for only $34 (Reg. $40) per jar!

Boost your collagen, elastin and keratin

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