Best Chemical Peel for Sun-Damaged Skin

Best Chemical Peel for Sun-Damaged Skin

At Lasair Aesthetic Health of Denver we want you to have radiant, glowing skin that you are proud to show off to the world!  Especially in sunny, dry Denver, we know your skin needs a little extra love.  We offer several different types of chemical peels, and when you come in for a consultation, we can help you determine what would be best just for you.

We are featuring a series on chemical peels.  To read all about the light peel, click here.  Today, find out about another chemical peel we specialize in: Jessner’s Peel.Beautiful skin

What is it?

Jessner peel is considered a “medium-depth” chemical peel.  This is a step up from the light peel, which is a more superficial chemical peel.  The Jessner peel is made up of three key ingredients: lactic acid (for exfoliation), salicylic acid (penetration), and resorcinol (treatment of acne).

What does it help with?

The Jessner Peel works to address the following skin issues:

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • acne scarring
  • large pores
  • overall complexion of the face
  • skin discoloration
  • acne

 lasair aestetic health officeWhat can I expect?

Our caring and experienced staff will cleanse your skin thoroughly and the peel will be applied.  After the peel is finished working its magic, we will most likely apply a moisturizer or a calming mask to wrap up your treatment.

Within the first few days after the Jessner Peel, you will likely have dry, tight skin and some redness. Your skin may be sensitive as well. Your skin will peel for about a week after the treatment.  After the old, damaged skin has all peeled away, you can enjoy your refreshed, glowing skin.

Come in for a thorough consultation today!

Wondering if Jessner’s Peel may be just what you need?  Don’t worry!  At Lasair Aesthetic Health of Denver, we have your skin’s best interest in mind.  When you book an appointment for a consultation, you can rest at ease knowing that we are your number one choice for non-surgical skin care in the front range!