Best Acne Treatments & Products in Denver

Best Acne Treatments & Products in Denver

Fear no outbreak this spring!

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We know that having acne problems and its subsequent scarring can take a huge toll on a person’s self-esteem and confidence. And especially now that the weather is warmer and we start to get more sunny days, the combined effects of increased sweating, oil production and accumulated dirt from spending more time outdoors can help to trigger a much feared acne outbreak!

So whether you have acne scars from your teenage years, or are a teenager or adult suffering from acne, we can help you at Lasair Aesthetic Health! We offer a number of acne treatments for your specific needs. During your initial consultation with Dr. Parker at her Denver office, she can help determine which of our acne treatments and injectables are better suited to help diminish acne occurrence and/or reduce acne scars.

Alexis MD Pure Beauty products for acne in Denver

We also have our own line of facial cleansing products designed to battle acne:

Alexis MD Pure Beauty Acne Triad
Alexis MD Pure Beauty Acne Triad

Alexis MD Acne Cleanser

It’s perfect for oily, acne prone skin or skin with active acne. It acts as a decongestant and gentle exfoliant yet nourishes the skin with antioxidants. Alexis MD Acne Cleanser prepares the skin for the healing and protective properties of Alexis MD Daily Repair Lotion for Acne.

Alexis MD Acne Repair Lotion

This Acne Repair Lotion is an anti-inflammatory, mild exfoliant, cell stimulator, and antioxidant with pentapeptides designed for oily and acne prone skin as well as active acne. It has all of the action of the Daily Nutrient Peptide Lotion with the emphasis on healing acne and decreasing excess sebum.

Alexis MD Acne Decongestant Toner

This toner can be used during the day when skin is oily or after exercise to gently cleanse and balance your skin.

Take care of your acne problems today with Lasair Aesthetic Health!

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Dr. Alexis Parker and the staff at Lasair offer the best non-surgical aesthetic solutions in Denver. We encourage all our patients to retain youthful, beautiful skin, regardless of their age! To learn more about our Denver office and the cosmetic dermatology treatments we offer, please contact us today. You can book online or call (303) 782-5082

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