Beauty morning routine time-saving tips

Beauty morning routine time-saving tips

Woke up late or you are always in a morning rush?

We know it happens sometimes…or most of the time. Whether it is because you were tired and woke up late that day, or because you have to get the kids ready for school, the morning rush may seem unavoidable at times.

But hey, it’s ok! We understand it can happen more frequently than you may want, so we want to give you some time-saving tips for your morning beauty routine, which could save you up to ten minutes each morning!

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Time saving facial cleansers

Try washing your face with a cleanser containing salicylic acid, instead of using a separate toner to smooth your skin. This ingredient breaks down and removes dead skin cells to keep your pores clean.

Make the most out of your bronzer powder

If you are in a big rush and don’t have time for the full make-up session, use bronzing powder instead. With a large brush sweep bronzer all over your face to create a warm glow, and dust a little extra on your cheekbones. Dab some on your eyelids and brows as well with a small eye shadow brush.

Wrinkle reduction

Use neutral eyeshadows

Neutral colors don’t show mistakes as much as the bold ones. And taupe, tans, mauves, and browns blend naturally after a few minutes when your skin warms up. To find your perfect neutral shade, choose one that’s a shade deeper than your natural eyelid or lip color.

Forget retouching your manicure

You don’t have to waste time fixing chipped nails every morning. Instead of colored nail polish, you can apply a clear nail strengthener every few days. It makes them looks neat and polished, and it won’t chip!

Time saving morning routine

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