All I had to do is Relax and Say Goodbye to my Lovehandles

All I had to do is Relax and Say Goodbye to my Lovehandles

It seemed too good to be true!

I felt like a girl in a fairytale. I had been plague by excess fat on my sides “love handles”, but Dr Alexis Parker, of Lasair Aesthetic Health in Denver, CO, explained to me that my dreams eliminating targeted fat were, indeed, a reality.

Bye Bye Bulge

ZeltiqTM Aesthetics whose slogan is “Bye, Bye, Bulge!” did just that with this Cool Sculpting machine that “freezes the fat away”. Dr Alexis Parker explained to me the reality of the science behind Zeltiq. CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, is a non-invasive procedure that removes 25-ish percent.

I asked Dr Parker “will I need a warm coat during the treatment?” She replied with a smile “our patients are in a comfortable chair & most are watching a movie on the tv or sleeping.” “There is a bit of cold or tingling when the device is first placed on the body.”

It sounded very easy; all I had to do is relax, and say goodbye to my love handles with Coolsculpting. So with glee, I wished away the nightmarish fat and made an appointment. I was so happy with my real-fairytale that I waved bye, bye, to my fat.

Thank you!

Virginia S. – Denver, CO